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Comprehensive Ministry Listing

To help you know how you can use your talents and abilities to serve with others, a laundry list of the various areas of opportunity, presently in the Church, has been compiled. The list in each area are general only, to give people an idea of the opportunities and needs for each ministry. Often areas of ministry will overlap as we co-labor together. Even more opportunities than these may arise as the Holy Spirit leads people to do new things for Him.

If you are interested in finding out more about any area below, please contact the person listed next to the ministry title.

God Bless You!

Areas of Opportunities Contact
Board of Deacons
Darren Nako Board Chair
Board of Trustees Dennis Nagatani Trustee President
Building/Grounds Maintenance Dennis Nagatani Trustee President
Care & Comfort Ministry Darren Nako Benevolence Chair
Children's Ministry Joyce Tanji & Joan Doi
Christmas Caroling Daniel Miyamoto Music Director
Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) Joyce Tanji & Joan Doi Christian Education Co-Chair
Fellowship Ministry Tena Ponder Fellowship Chair
Harvest Festival Martin Arinaga Evangelism Chair
Information & Communication Ministry Martha Kawai Secretary
Labor Day Picnic Tena Ponder Fellowship Chair
Luncheon Team Tena Ponder Fellowship Chair
Missions Ministry Roberta Nagano Missions Chair
Music Ministry Daniel Miyamoto Music Director
Spring Banquet Tean Ponder Fellowship Chair
Sunday School Ministry Kepano Lee Christian Education Chair
Worship Sayaka Nakano Worship Chair

Board of Deacons

Are you being led to take a greater leadership role in your church? Do you want to have more say in the programs and direction of WOCC? Then consider serving on the Board of Deacons.

As stated in the by-laws, the Board of Deacons is responsible for seeing that the mission of the Church is carried out and managing the day-to-day operations. They also make policies that guide and protect the church’s people, ministries and financial integrity. Of foremost importance is to assure the ongoing spiritual growth of the members in the Church.

If you are interested in serving as a Deacon, listed below are the current positions/standing committees and a brief description of some of the corresponding duties:

Chairperson Conducts monthly Board meetings, runs congregational meetings, coordinates the production of the Koinonia, keeps the church running
Vice Chair Assumes duties of the Chairperson when needed
Secretary Takes minutes, takes attendance at congregational meetings
Finance Chair Collects offerings, pledges, etc., deposits funds into appropriate accounts, pays appropriate bills, provides budget
Worship Chair Runs Worship service, makes sure weekly bulletins are produced, works with Pastors’ on the format of service, look of sanctuary, etc.
Christian Ed Chair Runs Sunday School and Children’s Church, ensures staffing an supplies are adequate
Evangelism Chair Plans events to bring people to Christ, makes decisions on support of missionaries
Fellowship Chair Plans events to bring the congregation together, supervises various fellowship groups within the Church
Benevolence Chair Keeps track of the physical needs and well being of the congregation

Minimum requirements for becoming a Deacon include being a member of West Oahu Christian Church for at least 2 years and meeting the approval of the Pastor. Not a member for at least 2 years? You can still be a part of the committees.

If you want to find out more about becoming a Deacon, contact Pastor Stan or the Deacon Chair. If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact its respective Chairperson.

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Board of Trustees

Want to have a louder voice in the use and maintenance of the Church’s physical property? Maybe you should consider if becoming a Trustee is right for you.

The Board of Trustees handles all legal, liability and contractual issues of the Church. They are also the stewards of the Church’s property and finances. Some the responsibilities of a Trustee are:

  • Maintain accurate financial and historical records
  • Purchase and dispose of Church property
  • Work with Deacons to provide safe facilities that enable ministry
  • Physical upkeep of the Church’s structure and surrounding property
  • Work with Deacons in regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Building Projects

You must be a Member of WOCC to become a Trustee. If you are interested, contact Pastor Stan or the Board of Trustees President.

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Building/Grounds Maintenance

As all home owners know, owning a piece of property comes with a lot of responsibilities and maintenance. WOCC faces the same challenges. Our building and surrounding property requires constant upkeep to keep it safe and presentable. If you are able and willing to lend a hand, contact any of your Trustees. Some opportunities to serve include the following.

Grounds Maintenance Got a green thumb? Enjoy getting your hands dirty? Help us keep our property safe, clean and beautiful. We will always need people willing to plant grass/shrubs, cut/pull weeds, trim trees, and pick up rubbish and dangerous items (glass, metal, etc.)
Building Maintenance Notice the faded paint, the rusted fence, and the cracks in the hallway tiles? If you can help the Church in addressing any of these problem areas we would greatly appreciate your assistance. While experience as a contractor, handyman, painter, carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc. is helpful, it is by no means necessary. All we really need is the strength of your back and the willingness of your heart.
Weekly Cleanup When you arrive to church on Sunday, have you ever noticed that the carpets are vacuumed? Or that the bathrooms are clean? This is due to the hard work and dedication of a group of people that come throughout the week and on Saturdays to clean the church and prepare it for worship. This is a large task that is often done by a small handful of your fellow WOCC brothers and sisters. If you would like to lend a hand in preparing God’s house for worship and fellowship, whether it be once a week or once a month, your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

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Care & Comfort Ministry

Like any family, members in our church family will need care and comfort from time to time. The Care & Comfort Ministry assists those in physical and/or emotional distress through visitations, phone calls, cards and prayers. They also offer funeral assistance when needed. Your caring spirit is needed. The following are areas within this ministry that you can be a part of.

  • Prayer Warrior
  • Visitation Team
  • Calling Team
  • Card Team
  • Funeral Assistance

If you have a gift or calling for the well being of others and would like to be a part of this ministry, contact your Benevolence Deacon.

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Children's Ministry

The purpose of the Children’s Ministry is to educate our youth about God’s love and what it means to be a Christian. This is primarily accomplished through Children’s Church. We are always looking for willing and patient people to be a positive influence to our youth and to teach them through lessons, crafts and activities. If this sounds like you, the following is a sampling of the opportunities available.

  • Teachers
  • Assistants
  • Craft Leaders
  • Activity Leaders
  • Youth Assembly Leaders
  • Song Leaders
  • Snacks
  • Child Care

To find out more contact your Christian Education Deacon.

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Christmas Caroling

Part of WOCC’s Music Ministry is to go out and bring good cheer to others. One of its most anticipated events is the annual Christmas Caroling. Every year, we have gone to the Waipahu Hall Elderly during the holiday season bringing with us song, fellowship and food. If you would like to be a part of this December event, contact your Music Director. Even if you don’t feel comfortable singing in public you can be a part of this, as the following list of opportunities illustrates.

  • Singers
  • Song Leader
  • Musicians
  • Games/activity Leader
  • Speaker
  • Food
  • Cleanup Crew
  • Setup Crew
  • Favors

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Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS)

For the past several years, WOCC has assisted and partnered with Pearl City Community Church, to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children of Waipahu. DVBS is held in July, and for one week the children in the surrounding area are invited to come together in fun and fellowship to learn about God. To put on a successful DVBS requires many volunteers willing to invest their time into guiding and developing the youth of Waipahu. If you can offer this, and want to directly affect a child’s life, contact your Board of Deacon Chair.

The following is a sampling of the opportunities available.

  • Teachers/Leaders
  • Assistants/Jr. Leaders
  • Meal Preparation
  • Refreshment Preparation
  • Servers/Helpers
  • Station Leaders
  • Assembly Leaders
  • Bathroom Monitors
  • Craft Helpers
  • Photographers
  • Setup Crew
  • Breakdown Crew
  • Clean up Crew
  • Canvassers

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Fellowship Ministry

What makes a church strong? An important part is the fellowship that its members have with each other. We are always looking for motivated leaders who would like to start a small fellowship group within the church. Want to start or be involved in a Women’s, Men’s, Youth or Senior Fellowship? Contact your Fellowship Deacon to find out how.

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Harvest Festival

For the past several years, WOCC has teamed up with Pearl City Community Church to offer an alternative to the traditional Halloween activities. The Harvest Festival was started to provide children in the Waipahu community a safe place to come and play carnival games, do crafts, and learn about the gift of Jesus Christ. It is a large undertaking that requires the commitment of many people to pull off. If you would like to participate in this worthy venture, and help to shape it into an even bigger, better and worthwhile event, the following is some of the positions that need to be filled.

  • Harvest Festival Coordinator
  • Planning Committee
  • Craft Leaders
  • Game Booth Operators
  • Setup Crew
  • Cleanup Crew
  • Runners
  • Movie Operator
  • Hall Monitors
  • Photographers
  • Security
  • Cooks

To find out more contact your Evangelism Deacon.

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Information & Communication Ministry

As with any organization, communicating news and information is vital for WOCC. This ministry is looking for dedicated people willing to invest the time and effort needed to maintain the communication infrastructure. Opportunities exist in the production of the weekly Worship Bulletin, the Koinonia newsletter, and the wocc-hi.org website. If you have the desire to write articles and help ensure others are kept abreast of current events, contact the following people.

  • Worship Bulletin – Nancy Shimokawa
  • Koinonia Newsletter – Board of Deacons Chair
  • Website – Neal Takamoto

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Labor Day Picnic

Sun, surf, fresh air and good fun. The annual Labor Day Picnic offers all this and more for free, but not without a lot of planning and help. If you want to assist the Fellowship committee in making this event a memorable one for your fellow church goers and their friends and family, look over the following list of opportunities and contact your Fellowship Deacon.

  • Planning Committee
  • Obtain Permit
  • Picnic Site Savers
  • Tarps/Mats
  • Games
  • Door/Game Prizes
  • Photographer
  • Tables

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Luncheon Team

A part of what makes good fellowship is good food. WOCC is known for its potluck, but it takes more than people bringing food to have a successful luncheon. Tables need to be set up, chairs need to be opened, and walls need to come down … and when its over, everything needs to be put back where they belong. If you would like to be a part of the team that makes these gatherings a success, contact your Fellowship Deacon.

  • Water/Tea/Punch Maker
  • Setup Crew
  • Takedown Crew
  • Wall Movers
  • Dish Washers
  • Table Wipers
  • Floor Sweepers/Moppers
  • Trash Collectors

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Missions Ministry

Missionaries are important for they spread God’s word to all parts of the world. The Mission’s Ministry is important because it works to support these missionaries through prayer, correspondence and the collection and sending out of financial support. Also a part of this ministry is the planning and coordination of short-term missions. If you are interested, the following is just a sampling of the opportunities available. If you would like to find out more about the mission’s field, contact your Evangelism Deacon.

  • Prayer Warrior
  • Missionary Liaison
  • Short-term Missions Coordinator
  • Missionary Support
  • Treasurer

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Music Ministry

The Music Ministry provides music and leads in singing for the weekly Worship Service, as well as other church functions, such as Good Friday services, Christmas program, Church banquet, and Christmas Caroling. You don’t even have to be musically inclined to be involved! If you are interested, the following is a variety of opportunities available.

  • Worship Team Leader
  • Worship Team Member
  • Musician (Piano, Guitar, Drums, etc.)
  • Sound Board Operator
  • Power Point Production
  • Equipment Manager

To find out more contact our Music Director.

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Spring Banquet

One day a year, WOCC plans for a fellowship event of fun and food, but does not involve cooking for our members. The annual Spring Banquet offers many of us a chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company away from church grounds. If you want to be involved in the planning for this once a year shindig, contact your Fellowship Deacon. Help is always appreciated in the following areas.

  • Planning Committee
  • Setup Crew
  • Cleanup Crew
  • Guest Speaker
  • Favors
  • Centerpiece
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Games/Ice Breakers
  • Entertainment
  • Pupus
  • Photographer
  • Name Tags
  • Silent Auction
  • Door Prizes

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Sunday School Ministry

The Sunday School Ministry helps to strengthen our congregations’ understanding of God’s word through weekly classes. Teachers lead their class through a variety of topics and curriculums are offered for all levels of understanding and Christian maturity. The number of classes held every Sunday is limited only to the number of teachers available to teach. While teaching experience is helpful, it is by no means necessary. If you are willing to help in this important ministry, contact your Christian Education Deacon.

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The Worship Ministry consists primarily of the weekly Worship services. There are many parts to a successful and fulfilling Worship service. If you would like to be involved in this process, the following is a variety of opportunities available. Experience is not necessary; all that is required is a love for God and a willingness to serve Him.

  • Worship Service Chair
  • Usher
  • Greeter
  • Attendance Recorder
  • Power Point Production
  • Flowers
  • Leis
  • Communion Resource
  • Speaker
  • Soundboard Operator
  • Worship Team
  • Worship Bulletin Editor

To find out more contact your Worship Deacon.

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