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Waipahu, Hawaii  96797
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2015 - 2016 Board of Deacons

Chair: Darren Nako
Vice Chair: Daniel Miyamoto
Secretary: Martha Kawai
Members: Martin Arinaga

Kepano Lee
Sayaka Nakano

Tena Ponder-Thacker
Pastor Stan Miyamoto

2015 - 2016 Ministry Committees

Benevolence: Darren Nako
Christian Education: Kepano Lee
     Children:Joyce Tanji and Joan Doi
Evangelism: Martin Arinaga
     Missions:Roberta Nagano
Fellowship: Tena Ponder-Thacker
     Small Groups:
Finance: Daniel Miyamoto
Bylaws & Policy: Neal Takamoto
Worship: Sayaka Nakano
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Board of Deacons Documents

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